Payment options


Upon placing an order, you will receive an invoice via e-mail with payment details. Then you pay using your online banking service. The charge will appear in Bohka's system as a work in progress until the invoice has been paid. Items will be shipped upon receipt of payment.



You can use the Everyday online payment system to pay for Bohka items (in Finnish only). With this you can have up to 45 days to pay, interest-free, after receiving your items. This way, you can have time to see your Bohka items with your own eyes before paying.

If you want to pay in installments, the minimum payment is 50 € per month, or one-third of the total bill (whichever is less).



Using this flexible payment option, you can finance your purchase quickly and safely. The Joustoraha service is available for Finnish individuals, from 20 to 75 years of age, who have their personal finances in order. The loan can be for amounts from 20 to 1000 Euros.

When selecting this option, you will be directed to your online Finnish banking service. Then fill in your details on the form. The decision to grant the loan is immediate, and you will be returned back to Bohka's online store once your order has been processed.

When using the Joustoraha option, you will an interest-free period of 14 days. An additional billing fee of 4,90€ applies.

You can also use the Joustoraha service to pay in installments, from one to twelve months. In this case, a billing fee of 4,90€ per invoice applies. The monthly interest rate is 2,42% and annual interest rate is 29%. 

You can learn more about this option at (in Finnish only).

The Joustoraha flexible payment option is very secure. However, as with any online payment, we advise you to use a secure connection when making your purchases.


*Note: we welcome your payment of items using the Everyday service. However, the customer is responsible for using the Finnish-language service. That is, we cannot help you with any language issues.